Sept 23           Wolff Vineyards San Luis Obispo
Sept 22           Pine St. Saloon Paso Robles
​Sept 4             Twang & Bang San Luis Obispo
Oct 7               Baileyana Vineyards San Luis Obispo
Aug 25            The Naked Fish San Luis Obispo
July 15            Otter Rock Cafe Morro Bay
July 9               Figueroa Mountain Brew Arroyo Grande
June 25           Bang the Drum Brewery  San Luis Obispo
June 23           Pine St. Saloon Paso Robles
June 2             The Frog & Peach Pub San Luis Obispo
May 20           TapIt Brew San Luis Obispo
May 19           The Naked Fish San Luis Obispo
May 14           Libertine Pub Morro Bay
April 28          Pine St. Saloon Paso Robles
April 9            Otter Rock Cafe Morro Bay
Mar 25           Asuncion Ridge Tasting Room
​​Mar 3             The Naked Fish San Luis Obispo
Feb  4             Otter Rock Cafe Morro Bay


Five Parts Devil are a San Luis Obispo based trio that provide generous amounts of obscure Americana, roots music, traditional Rockabilly, classic Nashville and Bakersfield music and guilty pleasures. We are available for local music venues, wineries, private parties, and more. 




Nov 4              The Siren Morro Bay

Nov 3             15 Degrees C in Templeton

Oct 6               St. Benedict's Church Los Osos

Oct 1               Bang the Drum San Luis Obispo

Sep 30             Pour House Paso Robles

Sep 29             Wolff Vineyards San Luis Obispo

Sep 8               Barrelhouse Brew Paso Robles

Sep 2               Merrimaker Los Osos

Aug 26             Otter Rock Cafe Morro Bay

Aug 18             Wolff Vineyards San Luis Obispo

​​Aug 4               Private Event

July 21             Wolff Vineyards San Luis Obispo

July 8               The Siren Morro Bay

June 24           Pour House Paso Robles

June 23           Wolff Vineyards San Luis Obispo

May 5              ManRock Brew in Grover Beach
April 14           Tent City Atascadero
April 8             The Siren in Morro Bay
April 7             TapIt Brew in San Luis Obispo
April 1             Cambria Pines Lodge Cambria
March 11        Pour House Paso Robles
March 4          Otter Rock Cafe Morro Bay


Nov 16              Private Event

Nov 10              Private Event

Oct 26               The Pour House - Paso Robles

Oct 21               Wild Horse Winery

Oct 15               The Cass House - Cayucos 

Oct 14               Stillwaters Vineyards  - Paso Robles

Sept 23             Robert Hall Vineyards - Paso Robles 

​​​​​Sept 21             Wolff Vineyards - SLO       

Sept 15             Lefondusac Winery - Paso Robles

Sept 7               Tooth & Nail Vineyards - Paso Robles 

Aug 4                Bristol's Cider House Atascadero

Aug 3                Pomar Junction Trainwreck Templeton

July 21              Private Event

July 20              Wolff Vineyards

July 8                Four Lanterns Winery Templeton

July 7                Wild Horse Vineyards Templeton

July 4                Cass House  Cayucos  

June 15            Barrelhouse Brew Paso Robles

June 14            Farmers Market SLO

June 9              Lefondusac Paso Robles

May 25            Private Event​​

May 19            Wild Horse Winery

​May  9             The Cass House  Cayucos

Apr 20             Treana Vineyards

Apr 8               Pismo Paw Pfest

Mar 31            Broken Earth Winery

Mar 24            Central Coast Beer Festival

Mar 19            The Cass House Cayucos

Mar 3              The Siren Morro Bay